The firm has studied Baltimore extensively as part of its Maryland state-wide project.


Baltimore Remapping
As part of its extensive Maryland state-wide work, the firm has mapped the entire Baltimore-Washington region using its de-complexifying tool. Within Central Baltimore, close-up maps have also been prepared, with special attention to attraction-dense areas, parks and campuses. The complex inter-connectivity issues between all of the expressways and parkways in and around Baltimore have also been untangled in detail.
Client:  Informing Design and Maryland SHA
Time Frame:  2001 to present


Replacement Wayfinding Sign System Concept
In the 70s, Baltimore was one of the first cities to devise a comprehensive wayfinding sign system.   But its three-dimensional sign design did not make for easy upkeep, and over the decades signs kept getting indiscriminately added, to the point that clutter and overload has become a serious issue.  The firm was tasked with developing a concept for a replacement system using its Areas and Corridors approach (see the Maryland Project).  By creating themed corridors within discrete areas (Inner Harbor, Camden Yards, Westside, Little Italy, Fells Point, etc.), the current sign load would be able to be reduced dramatically even as more attractions and parking for those attractions would be able to be signed.  Respecting the blue and green tradition of the original signs, the firm created a freshened up version using green to signify inter-neighborhood guidance and blue to signify within-neighborhood guidance.
Client:  Maryland SHA
Time Frame:  2013-2014