Downtown “Winston” is where Informing Design experimented with a new kind of sidewalk map installation that turned into an instant hit. The mapping system we developed for the city also undergirded a Downtown traffic wayfinding sign system.



The Art Deco “W” Branding of Winston
The Downtown Partnership wanted to develop a brand identity distinct for the “modern” Winston as opposed to the historic district of “Salem.” We took as our inspiration the classic art deco Reynolds Tower to create a silhouette “W” as the logo.  Then with the help of local architecture firm, Walter Robbs, abox was designed to be placed on existing light poles above sidewalk map installations. This box anchored both pedestrian directionals and the new “W” brand.
Client:  Winston-Salem Downtown Partnership
Time Frame:  2008, redone 2014, currently in use

The Less Embarrassing Map Kiosk
What we discovered, due to budgetary constraints, is that when it comes to sidewalk map kiosks, less is not just better, it’s a lot better! We were able to deploy three dozen kiosks for around than $500 per installation, including pedestrian directionals and logo box. The secret? Using existing light poles and mounting maps like they were traffic signs (printed on non-reflective vinyl, with back of the sign and mounting hardware painted black to match the poles). Installed in natural “sidewalk theaters,” the maps were an instant hit. See the “Less Embarrassing Map Kiosk” for the full story.
Client:  Winston-Salem Downtown Partnership
Time Frame:  2008, currently in use

Wayfinding Traffic Directional Sign System
For the design of wayfinding traffic signs for its Downtown, the firm used the angled sheds of old Salem as its inspiration for an “angled shed” top to the signs.
Client:  Winston-Salem Downtown Partnership
Time Frame:  2005, currently in use


Winston-Salem Re-mapping
The firm also remapped Winston-Salem at two scales:  a Downtown close-up map and a map of Greater Winston-Salem. Of special interest were the moments where the radiating grid of regional arteries collides with the in-town rectilinear grid.  Our signature de-complexifying map tool untangles these moments and make travel clear, with maps or with signs. A 3-D model of the Downtown map was created to generate site-specific orientations for each of the dozens of sidewalk map installations.
Client:  Winston-Salem Downtown Partnership
Time Frame:  2005